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Taking a Stand: DVD Edtion

Helping our Children Win the Battle for Sexual Purity

Parents – finally a resource to help you help your kids win the battle for sexual purity.

Studies consistently show that kids who abstain from sexual activity until marriage are kids whose parents played an active role in fostering the virtue of chastity in their children.  Without parental guidance, example and influence, today’s kids don’t stand a chance against the sexually obsessed culture they live in. 

But how are parents supposed to live that out?  How can they pass on what they never received themselves?  How can they teach what they’re not sure they fully understand?

Mary Beth Bonacci and Dr. Tom Curran have the solution.  Together, they have developed Taking a Stand, a comprehensive, nine-part video series that answers every question parents have about raising sexually pure children:

When should I start talking to my child about sex?

What should I tell my child about sex?

What does the Church really teach about human sexuality, and how can I help my child understand and embrace those teachings?

Should I teach my child about “safe sex”?

How can I motivate my child to dress modestly?

When should I allow my child to start dating?

And many, many others . . .

This series can be used by parents in the home, or it can be used by parishes or schools as a complete resource for parent education sessions.

Nine-part series and facilitator’s guide


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