Pregnancy is Not a Disease
. . . and contraception is not disease prevention,
Febuary 10, 2012


I just finished listening to President Obama’s statement announcing his “accommodation” to freedom of religion in the HHS contraception mandate.  Frankly I didn’t see any “accommodation.”  I saw a shell game.  Now, instead of religious institutions violating their consciences by providing coverage for abortion-inducing “contraceptives”, those institutions will pay for coverage that doesn’t cover those services, and then the insurance companies will provide the extra coverage for free.  Free! Bless their generous little insurance-industry hearts, they’ll take the loss because they just want to get contraceptives into women’s hands.  Right?  Wrong, of course.  They will roll the cost of those programs into the policies they sell employers, and those employers (including those who are faith-based) will be paying for abortion-inducing contraceptives.

Of course, the ramifications of this executive “mandate” go far beyond the morality of contraception.  This is a direct shot across the bow for religious freedom in this country.  If we don’t stand up to it now, I firmly believe that we can expect to see religious persecution accelerate very, very quickly.

But the contraceptive issue itself presents a fascinating study in how much a nation could change in a very short period of time.  Less than 50 years ago – within my lifetime -- states still had laws on the book prohibiting the sale of contraceptives.  And now, the President of the United States has assured us that all Americans will be provided with contraceptives, including those that cause early abortions, absolutely free of charge.  It’s like going from Prohibition to government-subsidized tequila shots in a single generation.

What changed?

Of course, a lot has changed in the past 50 years.  But I think President Obama addressed the heart of the matter early in his statement, when he was talking about the importance of offering “preventative” care without fees or copay.  He mentioned some of the obvious services, like mammograms, that women utilize to screen for various diseases.

But then he began talking about how he is following the recommendation of “experts” and including contraception as part of that mandatory preventative care

And contraception prevents what?  

Contraception doesn’t prevent AIDS, or breast cancer (which evidence indicates that it promotes) or any other disease known to man.  Contraception prevents only one medical condition, and that is pregnancy. 

And pregnancy, my friends, is not a disease.

This is where we went wrong – when we stopped viewing pregnancy as a natural and healthy consequence of sexual self-gift, and instead began to regard it as a random, unintentional punishment for women who were just exercising their God-given right to sex without consequences.

Pregnancy is how a woman’s body is supposed to work.  It’s the way we’re made.  Birth control works against that, by preventing or altering the body’s normal processes.  In classifying contraception as “preventative”, the United States government has deemed the healthy functioning of women’s healthy bodies as defective, and in need of government-provided intervention to alter.

So now women’s healthy bodies are deemed defective.  But what about men?  Apparently their non-impregnable anatomies are fine just as they are, and in that respect represent the standard for which women should strive.  CNN made this point when they said that “Liberal groups have pushed for an expansive contraception coverage requirement on grounds of gender equality in health care.”

So now “gender equality” apparently requires that women’s bodies function like men’s bodies.

Worse yet, once pregnancy is regarded as a “disease” and contraception the “prevention”, then what is left when the preventative measures fail?  The next logical step would of course be a “cure.”  And that cure, of course, is abortion.  We already see, in the abortifacient nature of the “morning-after” pills covered by this mandate, the direction in which this trend is headed.

This is all very, very dangerous territory.

All that being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out what is, to me, a very obvious point: 

This is what we get when we give control of health care over to the government.  

I get that the current system is broken in many ways, and that problems need to be addressed.  But I can’t for the life of me understand the mentality that believes that the solution lies in handing the reins over to the government.  What on earth would lead us to believe that their care will be efficient, or benevolent, or free of taint from the ideology of the party in power?  If anybody believed that health care was somehow “sacred” and not vulnerable to use as a tool for those with a vendetta against the Church, I can only hope that he has now been fully disabused of that notion.

Overturning this horrendous HHS mandate, important though it may be, is not an adequate solution to this mess.  What assurance do we have that another, even more hideous mandate won’t come down the pike later this year, or next year, or the year after that?  

We need to dismantle the entire gigantic, colossal mistake that is “Obamacare.”  We need to take health care out of the hands of the idealogues in Washington, and return it to the free market, to the people it serves.

And we need to do it really, really soon.


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